Support Work and Services to Younger Adults

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Support Work and Services to Younger Adults

Bridge Care Services offers support to  younger adults , as well as  to those aged 65+.

Support at home is an increasingly popular option and has a positive effect on health and wellbeing, by improving quality of life.

How this is achieved is a very personal choice.   It could be participating in a favourite hobby, attending sporting events, theatre, cinema, etc., enjoying a meal out or an evening at the pub – or simply enjoying the comforts of home and a good conversation.   The options are endless.   Whatever your choice, we can help you develop a support plan and give you the support you need to achieve the outcome you want.

” Without Bridge Care’s assistance I would not be able to do all the everyday things that most people take for granted.  They allow me to live my life how I should. My carers understand my needs, they are always cheerful, punctual and I have complete faith and trust in them. I would be lost without them.”


“As a parent/carer of a disabled young person the help Bridge Care provides is second to none. To be able to leave the house for work, appointments, shopping or to social outings in the knowledge that my son will be well cared for in my absence is beyond words. They lift the weight of worry and concern from my shoulders. Not only do they help Fran have a full and enjoyable life, they enable me to provide a somewhat normal family environment that we can all enjoy and thrive in.

I cannot thank Bridge Care enough for caring not only for Francis but for us as a family.”

Helen…Frans’ mum